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Prof.V.G.Krishnamurthyis professionally trained in Management, Public Health, Psychology & Statistics. He had worked with corporate, Government departments, Educational institutions, Health institutions, Corporate NGOs & Funding organizations. He is a Management Consultant, Mentor & Trainer for 30+ years. 

Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, N.A, Tamil Nadu: He had started his career with CMC and was teaching Community Health Management to medical professionals. He had served the organization for 12 years. While he was in CMC, he had developed a 15 months diploma course - DCHM (Diploma in Community Health Management), equivalent to Master of Public Health in abroad. The course had 50% international students. He had coordinated the course for 6 years. 

Guide to international students on Research projects: Apart from his routine jobs with the organizations served, he had guided more than hundred international students came from several universities, referred by international experts, in their research projects, which were part of their university curriculum.

Working with international experts: He had the privilege of working with eminent personalities of world repute in different fields, on various Health & HRD projects. He has regular working relationship with many foreign universities regarding research projects of their students, exposure to Indian culture and developing cultural collaboration with Indian villages.

Self-improvement book: He had authored a simple self-improvement book in English, YOU CAN ACHIEVEMORE. It is a boon to students and success lovers. It is well received by all sections of people within and outside India as an excellent gift article. It is a very simple but powerful tool for self Awareness. It is the inspiration to pursue ACHIEVEMORE Library program.

Professional Social Responsibility:  He firmly believes that whatever expertise he has got is obtained with the help of his teachers / trainers, superiors/ colleagues/ subordinates, clients, trainees and by the society as a whole. Hence he wants to give back all the expertise to the society as it is his Professional Social Responsibility. 

Moringa Mission: As a retirement project, now he is initiating MORINGA MISSION as an effective preventive health project to help people improve their health significantly. He is working with more farmers to produce more moringa leaves using organic cultivation and process it more scientifically and hygienically. It is to help the farmers get more income and also to get the needed quantity of moringa leaves to make it available to people.

Apart from improving the health of people at large, he is keen to improve the quality of life of minimum one lakh farmers in India. Water for irrigation is a big problem to farmers and currently farmers get hardly Rs.10,000/- per acre per year as net income. Moringa cultivation requires little water and also its cultivation cost is very less. A farmer can earn easily one lakh per year per acre by producing moringa leaves.

He is trying to offer moringa leaves to people at half the market price and also working on the provision to offer it free too. Apart from ensuring the needed quantity of moringa leaves to people, his greatest challenge is to make the people to consume it regularly. Hence, he is keen to get the support of more SPONSORS, DONORS, PROMOTERS and VOLUNTEERS. He is taking all steps to make every family in India to take an advantage of moringa mission.


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