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How to take it?

Direction For Use

Dosage details: Grams Per Day   

Children of age group 3 to 6      -  2   Children of age group 7 to 12            -  3 
Teens: 13 to 19 years                  - 4  20 + years                                              - 5  
Pregnant mothers                        - 7   Lactating mothers                                 - 7              
Women above 40 years              - 6       Men above 50 years                            - 6

The adult dosage is indicated as 5 grams and it is true for the body weight up to 60 Kg. For every extra 10 Kg weight, an additional half gram is suggested.

61 - 70 Kg  -  Extra half gram 71 - 80 Kg  -  Extra one gram 81 - 90 Kg  -  Extra 1.5 grams    
91 - 100 Kg  -  Extra 2 grams    Above 100 Kg  -  Extra 3 grams  

Measure: Generally one tea spoon is about 4 to 5 grams

The above said dosage details are only an indication. Individuals has to decide the dosage in line with the indication and start trying with limited dosage and increase the dosage gradually, every week. Only an individual has to decide the dosage suitable to him or her. It is always better to discuss with family doctor on the dosage. 

Dosage can be taken as one time or divided for several times to convenience. Dosage can be taken before or during the food, anytime. Let every person decide his or her actual dosage first. Then start with one forth the dosage for a week and increase the dosage every week, gradually. This is to make your body to accept moringa leaves properly.

Worm infestaion is very common in India. It is always recommended to do DEWORMING every 6 months by doctors. The idea is that worms should not eat the nutrients in the food. To know the real benefit of moringa leaves, it is suggested to DEWORM before start taking moringa leaves. Consult your doctor for proper DEWORMING. Please treat this advice as important.

There are several ways of taking moringa leaves powder. You can decide the better ways suitable to your taste and life style. There is nothing wrong in changing the method often. Taking moringa leaves powder daily is important, rather than the method. From our research, we found the following methods are suitable to more people. However, you have to find the methods more suitable to you.

Method 1: Mix the needed dosage in wheat floor before making the dough. Then make chappathi or paratha or any similar item. 

Method 2: Mix the needed dosage in dosa or idly batter and make dosas / idlies as usual. Similarly, you can mix the needed dosage in rotti or adai or omlet preparation.

Method 3: Mix the needed dosage in any side dish during taking food or take it with little food first and take the rest of the food as usual.

Method 4: You can prepare a spicy mix of moringa leaves powder, red gram & green gram dhal powder, pepper powder, asafetida and salt. Let moringa leaves powder be 50% in the mix. Add 2 tea spoons of this mix with little quantity of rice and ghee / sesame oil. Mix them all and eat. 

Method 5: You can prepare a spicy mix of moringa leaves powder, red chilli powder, roasted sesame, garlic, asafetida and salt like you prepare idly podi. Let moringa leaves powder be 50% in the mix. Add sesame oil and make it as a paste. Use it as a side dish for idly, dosa , bread etc.

Method 6: You can make a chutney with moringa leaves powder. Add coconut or tomato or coriander leaves or mint leaves or ginger or a few of them or all of them and make a chutney as usual. It can be a side dish to several of your food items. You can use it on bread instead of butter or jam.

Method 7: You can add moringa leaves powder in all food items like sambar, gravy, vegetable dishes, non vegetarian dishes etc. But you should add moringa leaves powder only after you finish the cooking of the items and mix well.

Method 8: You can make a soup with moringa leaves powder. First you prepare the base for the soup with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, dhal, pepper, cumin seeds, asafetida, salt etc. When the base is ready, add needed water and boil it. Add moringa leaves powder and put off the stove after two minutes. Allow the ingredients to mix well and serve the soup. You can garnish the soup with coriander leaves, curry leaves, tulsi leaves etc.

Method 9: Prepare lemon, ginger and honey syrup. Take needed dose of moringa leaves powder and add the syrup to make it as a paste. Take it before the food. You can use all the 3 items to make the paste or any two items or even one item will do. You can make the paste even with water or butter milk or curd or ghee etc.

Method 10: You can add the dosage in quater glass water or butter milk or milk or any fruit juice and stir well  to make the mixture to come to a paste consistency.Then add little more liquid you have used before making the paste and drink the full content before food.

Method 11: You can keep your dosage while taking food on your table. You can add little moringa leaf powder in every dish you take. It is like dusting pepper or salt on food items while eating.

Method 12: When you prepare food items, which do not require heating or cooking, you can very well add your dosage to the items. Example, fruit or vegetable salad, ice cream etc.

Method 13: You can prepare a vegetable juice. Take carrot or beatroot or cucumber or any two or all three of them and put them all in mixer grider. Then add needed dosage of moringa leaf powder, needed water, salt, pepper powder and make a juice. If need be, filter and garnish the juice with coriander leaves, mint leaves, tulsi leaves etc.

Method 14: Yoy can also prepare a spicy juice with moringa leaf powder, onion, tomato, garlic, ginger etc. If need be, filter and garnish the juice with coriander leaves, mint leaves, tulsi leaves etc.

Method 15: You can make fruit juice with moringa leaf powder. Take any fruit like Guava, Papaya, Mango, Apple, Pomegranate, Tomato, Pineapple, Banana, Grapes, Orange, Sweet lime etc. Put the fruit, needed moringa leaves powder and water in a mixer grinder or fruit juicer and get a juice. If need be, filter and garnish the juice with coriander leaves, mint leaves, tulsi leaves etc.

These are only to quote a few methods as how moringa leaves can be consumed. Try each method sincerely and see, which are all more convenient to you. Then use those methods more. You can use your creativity and find many more methods and try each of these methods too and find methods more suitable to you.  Whichever methods are more convenient to you, please follow them.

Give special attention to children's taste too. Try to find the methods more suitable to your children.There is no rigid method. As long as you take moringa leaves powder daily, it is great. We focus on delivering a quality product at a very reasonable price at your doors and it is your job to consume it daily and maintain the health.of all your people at home.


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