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We need your support

Goal: Make every Indian to consume moringa leaves daily & improve health.

In making this dream come true, we need the support of:

1. Corporate companies as sponsors to offer sample packs as gift to more people, associated with them or not associated common people and as well publicise the importance of consuming moringa leaves to a wider population as part of their CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

2. Economically affordable individuals must come forward as donors to offer minimum 100 sample packs as gift to their close groups as part of their PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

3. Doctors, hospitals and all health care people should come forward to promote the consumption of moringa leaves to their client population as part of their PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

4. All social minded people may act as VOLUNTEERS and influence more people to join moringa mission and as well to bring more sponsors, donors, hospitals to moringa mission.. 

5. People having time and contacts can work part time as PROMOTERS in their own area and in their own way and can earn some money too.

To make this mission a reality, we need the support of more people in every walk of life. In 5 years, we want to reach minimum one crore families in India and believe they can influence the rest gradually to join moringa mission. We will reward every person supporting moringa mission suitably.

If you feel, you can't play any of the above said roles, still you can play a big role...

1. Yes...You can join moringa mission and better your health...

2. You may know potential SPONSORS, DONORS, DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, MEDICAL LABS, people preferring VOLUNTEER work, part time job seeking PROMOTERS etc. Tell them about our moringa mission and persuade them to take part in our moringa mission and support to the extent possible. Share their name, mobile number, email ID and a brief profile about them with us and we can communicate to them. It is also a great help to moringa mission.

Please feel free to offer your possible support.


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