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Hope by now, you would have understood the power of moringa leaves and as how it can help you maintain your health. Moringa mission is to motivate every Indian to consume moringa leaves daily and improve health reasonably.  Also, it is for you to motivate people known to you to consume moringa leaf powder daily and ensure their health too.

Health promotion is the prime objective of moringa mission. But as an indirect benefit, more farmers will be helped to improve their quality of life. Also, employment opportunity for more people can be created. County can also earn a significant foreign exchange through the export of excess moringa leaves.

We are ready to provide all support for people want to start taking moringa leaves regularly.

We can share the nutritional facts about moringa leaves...We can discuss the health benefits of taking moringa leaves regularly...We can suggest the dosage....We can explain as how moringa leaves can be consumed...We can debate on DO's and DONT"s...We can really help you improve your health reasonably....

We can supply organically grown & hygienically processed moringa leaves...We can regularly deliver your family pack at your doors...At half the market price....Even, you can get the pack free of cost...It is not a false promise...We have a scheme to get the pack totally free of cost... Yes the promotional cost saved can be passed on to members.

All these are possible, if you join our moringa mission...First register your name...

We offer a family pack of 400 grams moringa leaf powder and it can be for 3 - 4 persons for one month. Market price is about Rs.1200/- If you buy fresh moringa leaves from the market and process at home, your cost may come around Rs.600/- To get 400g powder, you need 500 g dried leaves. You need about 30 bunches of fresh moringa leaves to get 500g dried leaves. 

But we are trying to deliver quality moringa leaf powder less than to this cost including shipping. You need not simply believe it...You can very well check this logic....At least once, you need to check this and then only, you can appreciate our commitment.

1. Find moringa powder price on internet....Several agencies like AMAZON are selling it online.

2. You can buy fresh leaves and process it and calculate the cost yourself.

You need to put in labor to separate the leaves from stems...removing small stems & yellow leaves...washing the leaves....shade dry them.. It may take a weeks time to dry it... You may have to spend some time daily to rotate it for homogeneous drying ..you have to powder it...sieve the powder...If you do all these once, you can understand and appreciate our efforts.

Definitely, every family can't do all these processes for various operational reasons. Even if a family is prepared to do it, it can't be done 100% hygienically. Moringa leaves processed at home may have microbial activity and it may cause diarrhea and other discomforts. Most of the homes may not be conducive to process moringa leaves properly. However, trying it once is always good and only then, you can see the value of our intervention..

Please try to understand that we are offering a quality product at a very reasonable and affordable price and without making much profit. About 60% price will go to farmers, 20% price will go for processing, another 15% price will be for the supply logistics and 5% price is for establishment. 

To get a free family pack, you need to enroll 6 members to moringa mission and you earn incentive for every enrollment. Either you can accumulate the incentive to get the next year membership free or you can redeem the incentive then and there. You can enroll members anywhere in India.

We offer 3 months family pack as trial membership and 12 months family pack as regular membership. By taking 12 months membership, you can save about 20% as discount. It is again by saving the promotional cost on every month and passed on that benefit to you. All our efforts are to offer quality product at your doors and at possible minimum price, but definitely less than the market price.

To make any mission to succeed, some people should join first and give momentum to the mission.Please you be the first batch joining moringa mission. Then try to enroll as many members as you can. You can enroll members anywhere in India. To join moringa mission, please send a request & your basic details like your name, occupation, address, mobile number, email ID etc. to: vgk@ksiclub.org and we will send needed details.

Once you become a member, you get family pack regularly to your address by courier. You can be a proud Volunteer and help spread our mission in your possible way and if you have time and want to earn some money, you can be a royal promoter in your area...For every support you give, you will be rewarded suitably.

Immediately send a member request & your basic details to: vgk@ksiclub.org


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