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Moringa Mission : Challenges

There are several challenges in pursuing MORINGA MISSION:

1. People are not habituated to consume moringa leaves regularly

Moringa Leaves contain all essential nutrients needed for humans to maintain reasonable health and it is an ideal supplementary food for all ages. But people are not habituated to take it daily and reasons are many:

a. People have wrong perceptions that it is causing indigestion, abdomen pain, diarrhea etc.

b. Also, people feel, it is bitter in taste

c. Processing it consumes more time.

d. It is not available in all markets and at all times.

Even if they take it occasionally, they fully cook it and hence do not get the advantage of its nutrients. In fact, benefits of moringa leaves are not achieved in India, though we produce more moringa leaves in the world. So, people at large need to be educated and motivated to consume moringa leaves regularly. It is not an easy task. More volunteers, sponsors, donors, doctors and promoters need to help us in spreading our MORINGA MISSION all over.

2. Its availability to people is also an issue:

a. Despite India produces moringa leaves more in the world, almost all the quantity is exported to other countries. The reason is that our people do not show much interest and foreigners know its value & power in maintaining their health.

b. The main reason for non availability of moringa leaves is that more farmers cultivate moringa trees only to get PODs and not LEAVES.

c. In all vegetable markets, you can get all sorts of green vegetables, but not moringa leaves . Yes, it is not available in the market all the time. In few areas, limited quantity of moringa leaves are sold for a very limited time.

d. Like other green vegetables, moringa leaves can not be transported to other places. Yes, moringa leaves come off from the stems and started becoming yellow after 3 hours of harvest and hence can't be considered for business.

e. To make the fresh leaves available to people, all the time and at all places, high technology is to be employed to keep the leaves afresh for minimum 2 weeks time. But it may increase the cost of moringa leaves, which more people may not prefer to give.

A thorough research is been done as how to make moringa leaves be available to people, all times and at all places. It is a tropical crop and only in few countries it can be cultivated and only these countries have to feed all the other countries. An acceptable solution found was to dry the leaves scientifically and make it available as a fine powder, which can be stored for one year easily. This paved the way to transport it from one place to another and also to keep a stock of it to manage the non seasons.

During summer, leaves are falling down from the stems completely and for minimum 2 months, no harvest can be done. Also, during rainy seasons, harvest is not done as it is difficult to dry the leaves properly. So, making moringa leaves available all through the year is by offering it as a powder. Since its shelf life is minimum one year and nutrients in the leaves are not reduced much in drying, now people in the entire world can enjoy the benefit of moringa leaves. 

Collecting the fresh moringa leaves from farmers and processing it scientifically / hygienically and making it available as powder is again another big challenge. It is a labor intensive project and hence people involved are all to be trained well on quality control measures.

3. Ensuring the production of moringa leaves to feed all our population

To cater to the needs of all our Indian population, we need 2 lakh tons of moringa dried leaves per month and minimum 20 lakh tons per year. To produce this needed quantity, minimum 10 lakh farmers must cultivate moringa trees only for moringa leaves. But it is not the situation now. So, more farmers need to be motivated to take up moringa cultivation and they need to be helped with all needed support, particularly to market their produce at a reasonable price.

Organizing farmers, educating them on moringa cultivation and motivating them to take up moringa cultivation to produce only moringa leaves is really a great challenge in making moringa mission a success.

4. Making it available to all people at their doors and at a reasonable price

Besides the above 3 challenges, supplying it to the people regularly at their doors and at a reasonable price is one more big challenge. We need more volunteers / promoters to keep in touch with people in all areas and ensuring the regular supply of moringa leaves is very important. After motivating the people to take moringa leaves regularly and not ensuring its regular supply to them, it can have negative impact on the mission. Hence proper networking is important.

Since it is a social mission, money can not be spent on advertisement like corporate are doing. Also, we can not spare more money for marketing. Otherwise, moringa leaves can not be supplied to people at half the market price. We want to offer it at half the market price. Also, we have schemes for people to get it completely free of cost, just to motivate more people to join moringa mission. We want every member to influence minimum 10 families to join our moringa mission. So, more volunteers / promoters are needed to make the mission a reality to every Indian.

We need your support...Whoever you may be...Whatever be your profession....

Wherever you are...Whatever little support you can give...It is GREAT...

Please feel free to offer your possible support...


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