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 Join Moringa Mission!  Improve health of all your people!  

Moringa (Drumstick) Leaf - Moringa Oleifera contains several essential nutrients needed to maintain human health for all ages and an affordable PREVENTIVE MEDICINE for all people. Every health loving person must join our moringa mission and start taking moringa leaves daily. Also, we want him / her to educate minimum 10 families to regularly consume moringa leaves  as part of his / her PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

India is the number one country in producing moringa leaves in the world, but mostly it is exported to other countries and foreigners know the value of it. Our people do not take moringa leaves regularly and also prefer to take only as cooked dishes and while cooking most of the nutrients are lost. In other words, we people seldom consume moringa leaves, despite of its rich nutritional value. 

We people give importance to taste rather than health. Hence, we more depend on doctors, hospitals and medicines for our health. But moringa leaves can ensure reasonable health without doctors, hospitals and medicines. As a retired professor of COMMUNITY HEALTH from a Medical College, I want to make all people consume moringa leaves regularly for better health as part of my Professional Social Responsibility.

In 1978, 200+ countries including India have signed ALMA  ATA  DECLERATION in Russia and raised a slogan: HEALTH FOR ALL BY 2000 AD. But health is still not a reality. We all give more importance to curative health and not to preventive health. Moringa leaves can be a powerful preventive measure and it can surely improve the health of all the people, greatly.

Fast food culture, imbalanced diet and improper cooking at home affect people's health more. Children do not like vegetables and nutritious food, but prefer more snacks. It makes children either malnourished or obese and hence needing medical attention often. Women and all people above 40 years need more calcium, but do not take proper calcium rich foods regularly. On advice of doctors, many take medicines to get needed minerals & vitamins, which may cause health issues later. Considering all the realities, moringa leaves can be a simple solution to people’s preventive health.

But making all the people to take moringa leaves is a great challenge. We need more VOLUNTEERS to educate people. We need more SPONSORS and DONORS to make trial packs available as gift to people at large. We want industries & business houses to take part in the mission, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. We wish, more doctors, hospitals and health care professionals to play their role in promoting moringa mission as part of their Professional Social Responsibility. We seek NGOs and Social clubs to play an effective role. 

Students also can play a significant role in this mission. We offer them a 3 months project to do in their free time and they can get Community Health Volunteer Certificate and as well scholarship. We expect more schools & colleges to participate in the mission. Medical colleges must take part in the mission and they have a greater responsibility in people's health.

For every Indian, reasonable health is possible and affordable...Moringa leaves can do this magic...If one percent population accepts moringa mission, gradually the message can perculate down to the entire population soon. I am the first person taking this noble mission in India and seek everyone's support in one way or the other. If you think, you can help me in some ways, please feel free to contact me.

If more and more people in every walk of life get associated in the mission, by 2021 we can see a significant improvement in people’s health in India. First, you join moringa mission immediately and start consuming moringa leaves daily. Within a month, motivate minimum 10 families to join moringa mission. If possible, be a sponsor or donor to spread the mission to more people associated with you.

If you can't be a sponsor or donor, you can very well be a promoter in your area. Yes, you can work part time and make people join moringa mission and you can earn reasonably too. 


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